Flying Unicorn at MJ Unpacked

Flying Unicorn at MJ Unpacked

Welcome to the cartoonish stoner fantasy universe of Flying Unicorn!

We're happy to have you join us on this adventure (or shall we call it a quest?) to bring colorful, fantasy-inspired smoking accessories to retail stores to brighten up the shelves at smoke shops all around the world.

As our story begins, we invite you to join us on this journey of creative exploration in the cannabis industry.

We're looking for blog collaborators who want to their stories with us and our growing community of "unicorns" that highlight people building creative brands, projects, and experiences with cannabis both in the US and abroad.

We'd also love financial sponsors to help us cover the costs of building quality digital content that highlights long-form storytelling that shares enriching details about the lives of people who celebrate and work with cannabis. We can offer advertising on the platform, at events, and more!

Email for more details on how to get involved!