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Flying Unicorn

PRE-ORDER | Signature | King Size Wide Rolling Papers & Rainbow Tips | Rolling Kit

PRE-ORDER | Signature | King Size Wide Rolling Papers & Rainbow Tips | Rolling Kit

PRE-ORDER a Rolling Kit from the new premium collection of Signature King Size Wide Rolling Papers & Rainbow Tips from Flying Unicorn!

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NOTE: Orders will ship by August 15th 2024 and arrive within 2-7 days.

  • Product Overview

This Signature Rolling Kit from Flying Unicorn contains 32 ultra-thin, premium rolling papers plus 32 cute rainbow filter tips (or "crutches") that will definitely inspire mega creativity during a monster-sized sesh!

The rolling papers & filter tips inside each Rolling Kit are packaged in an eco-friendly rolling paper booklet with a secure magnetic enclosure.

Flying Unicorn rolling papers are manufactured with premium natural, wood pulp-derived materials that are sourced from sustainably farmed forests in Europe.


Compare unit sizes & weights of this product in both Imperial | Metric sizing standards.

Rolling Kit

  • Kit Width = 4.331 in | 11 cm
  • Kit Height = 2.087 in | 5.3 cm
  • Kit Depth = 0.197 in | 0.5 cm
  • Kit Weight = 0.672 oz | 0.042 lb | 19 g

Rolling Papers

  • King Size Wide
  • Paper Width = 4.252 in | 10.8 cm
  • Paper Height = 2.164 in | 5.5 cm

Filter Tips / "Crutches"

  • Paper Width = 2.164 in | 5.5 cm
  • Paper Height = 0.788 in | 2 cm

Product Materials

Made with Original Artwork & Sustainably Sourced European Materials.

Flying Unicorn's rolling paper products are original artworks that are produced in partnership with old school European rolling paper manufacturers.

All materials are sustainably sourced from countries in Europe, who hold a high standard of using top quality raw materials in their consumer products.

We import our rolling paper products directly into the US for domestic wholesale & retail sales.

Each Rolling Kit Contains:

  • 32 x Rolling Papers = Ultra-thin, Bleached Wood Pulp-based Paper
  • Natural Arabic Gum = Adhesive Strip On 1 x Long Side of Each Rolling Paper
  • 32 x Rainbow Filter Tips = Multi-color Wood Pulp Cardstock Paper
  • 2 x Magnets = 5mm Secure Enclosure System
  • 1 x Printed Booklet = Sturdy Cardstock Wood Pulp-based Paper; Printed With Inkjet Ink

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